Boris Mosner


Producteye Studio

In addition to working freelance, Boris owns and operates ProductEye Studio – a complete production solution able to stream 4K to anywhere in the world.


Established in 2003, ProductEye Studio is a 500m2 state-of-the-art production facility on the outskirts of Hamburg. The studio has a full camera and lighting department to cover every need, with a range of both classic 35mm film cameras and 4K digital cameras (the Phantom Flex), and a vast selection of lights and lenses. The studio can also easily integrate a full motion control setup with Bolt and high-speed camera robots, putting ProductEye Studio at the cutting edge of cinema production.
There is also a workshop for set and prop construction, a fully-functional kitchen for food styling and photography, a powerful and controllable air pressure setup for capturing the movement of liquids, and a post-production suite for offline editing.


This makes ProductEye Studio the perfect partner for any project.Whether tabletop or live-action, ProductEye Studio offers a diverse range of production packages for every budget, helping to visualise your ideas ( from initial concept to finished master).

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